Nikki Azizi. 15. February 19, 1998. North Carolina.

I’ve started to believe everyone’s beautiful and everyone’s perfect in there own way. I’ve learned not to judge anyone because I don’t want someone to judge me. My best friend is Selena Baez <3.  Since I was born till Sept. 20th, 2008 i lived in Georgia. When I was 4 my dad got cancer from smoking. Luckily they caught it in time and they got it out, but my parents sent me and my sister to Canada not even knowing about it. What if i didn’t say goodbye? Then at age 8, my best guy friend brought a box cutter razor blade school and cut me across my fingers with it. scariest moment of my life. 10 stitches. I’ve always felt like I didn’t want to trust guys. When I was 9 , i went to Dominican Republic with my two aunts, my sister, my uncle, and the other uncle who recently passed. The day we came back, we went to my aunts. At 9pm that night our house got broken into. They took everything my mom owned… my sister was supposed to be in that house. The next school year the kid who cut me came back, i was to scared to even go to school. So we moved, and i left my bestfriends, my so-called other sister, and my family I then moved to NorthCarolina. At age 10, i got so sick off my addiction , Hot Cheetos, i had to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Then on October 12, 2008 my uncle passed away from smoking, leaving me with the last words of i love you. My dad was depressed, I’ve never seen him cry. Age 12, my sister got into a car crash. my sister is my life, my best friend, my inspiration.   It was my fault, I got my parents mad at her…. she’s okay!   i hate smokers and drinkers. My whole life, all my friends used me, all those guys played me, sometimes i just want a real person. On January 26, my mothers birthday I didn’t get to spend it with her. My uncle, my second dad, the man I spent every summer with in Georgia passed away. He was on his way to lunch after a meeting when a man sped behind him and hit him while he was stopped at a red light. My aunt, my mom’s sister, is the strongest person I know. Whenever I needed something she was there, and now I have to be there for her. It’s like waking up every morning wondering where he went & not ever being able to talk. My sides pull out and my body aches. Tears roll down my cheeks & I haven’t smiled  in a long time. It’s like when you’re body just collapses every day. I love you Uncle, RIP…  And every single day i have a smile on my face real or not. if i can, so can you. if you EVER in your life need someone to talk to , i’m here for you, and always will be. That’s my life, and if you read this far.. thank you.